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Several commonly used in cable distribution

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The reliability of electricity supply based on user requirements, generally fall into three electricity load.
Grade Ⅰ: a sudden power failure will cause casualties or serious damage caused by equipment, and difficult to repair, or to the national economy significant losers. This load requires a network connection to ensure supply reliability should be two or more separate power supply.
Grade Ⅱ: a sudden power failure will make a large number of products and raw materials, scrap, or major equipment damage incidents may occur, but to take appropriate measures to avoid. This load on the network wiring requirements of a more general, in the conditions permit, the two power supplies can be used or dual-circuit transmission line power supply; If there is difficult and can use a single dedicated line back to power.
Grade Ⅲ: all does not belong to l-level and grade Ⅱ load electrical equipment, generally from a single power supply.
In short, the distribution network of the wiring, generally according to the location of distribution substations, electricity capacity, load level, as well as in the vicinity of the user to determine a reasonable allocation.
Here are several common distribution network wiring.
(A) The radial distribution network information from: transmission and distribution equipment, net
This network mainly by the step-down substation 3 ~ 10kV led to the composition of many individual lines. Each individual line have one or more distribution substations to power.
Radial distribution network is characterized by easy to maintain, protect simple, easy to develop, but less reliable.
(B) the trunk-style distribution network
This network is a step-down substation 3 ~ 10kV leads to one or a few trunk lines, each line can supply to several distribution substations. This trunk-type network wiring more flexible, easy to increase or decrease the number of distribution substations, which use the equipment than the radial network of small, allows the network to simplify. Any one distribution transformer substations have cut off device, when the transformer equipment in case of failure does not affect the other power distribution substations in the power supply. But when the trunk line failure, the trunk line connected to the load of this have to power outages. Therefore, the trunk-type network reliability the disadvantage of poor, only applies to Ⅱ, Ⅲ grade load, allowing the trunk line is connected to the load is also not too much.
(C) disconnect the ring trunk-style distribution network
This network has the advantage of high supply reliability, when the lines broke down somewhere. Just so that all short-term electricity distribution substations. However, this network requires a high level of operations, or prone to misuse.
In order to improve power supply reliability of this network, the two parts of the power lines are best left side of 3-10kV step-down substations of different sub-line power supply. At this time when a sub-bus maintenance or failure, all the power distribution substation can never repair or failure to obtain the power bus segment.
(D) linking the pairs of trunk-style distribution network
Such Distribution network is characterized by each side of 3 ~ 10kV substation at the same time by two lines supply o-? This network has the advantage of a reliable electricity supply can meet the engineering, Ⅱ grade load-bearing requirements. The disadvantage is that the laying of the construction of distribution lines and substations need to invest big, so the choice of such a network connection, we must carry out economic and technical aspects of comparison.